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Open Standards - Empowering Cloud Native Innovation
(KubeDay India)

·1 min

Abstract #

Have you ever wondered what enables the diverse cloud-native tools to seamlessly work together, creating a symphony of innovation? Cloud Native Open Standards have quickly become the foundation for establishing standardisation and guidelines that simplifies how a wide range of tools interact and are harnessed, fostering a landscape of seamless integration. In this session, we journey through the realm of cloud-native open standards, studying their significance in the ever-expanding cloud-native landscape. We’ll delve into how these standards foster compatibility, ensuring that diverse tools and platforms seamlessly interact. We’ll explore real-world success stories and challenges, revealing how open standards like OCI, CRI, CNI, CSI empower organisations to craft resilient, future-proof architectures while avoiding vendor lock-in. By the end of this talk, attendees will acquire an understanding of why open standards are pivotal in the path towards shaping the cloud-native landscape.