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About Me

Hello there! 👋

Here’s a bit about my journey in the tech world:

Short Bio #

I’m a DevOps and Cloud Native Advocate with a passion for Open Source. I’ve been involved in the DevOps and open-source ecosystem for 2+ years now and have a strong experience in public speaking, community management, content creation etc. I have experience working on and contributing to some of the major projects in the CNCF, including Kubernetes, Layer5 and others.

I strives to empower others with my experiences and believe in growing with the community!

These days, my focus lies in the field of DevOps, Cloud Native and Developer Relations. I am enthusiastic about leveraging cloud technologies to streamline processes and enhance efficiency and at the same time advocating for the existing solutions in the community.

My Story (because everyone has one . . .) #

Mid-2020: My Intro to Open Source #

I feel that every person has their own reasons to get started with something. Be that a hobby, a skill or even something to learn. My reason was ‘doing something extra’ & the whole idea was to not depend on my university for the learnings but, to explore the vast tech ecosystem and be my own teacher and pave my own path!

I started exploring various other domains in tech, be that: web development, a little bit of mobile development and even machine learning. But, that constant hunger for getting an industry-level experience made me discover the world of Open Source & thats where I knew “this is something for me!”

2021: The Pivotal Year #

A pivotal year in my overall tech journey because I discovered & learned a LOT about a LOT of things in a very short time. Open Source, DevOps, Cloud Native communities, CNCF, Conferences, Developer Relations, Content Creation, Building in Public, Remote Jobs and one of the most important things - I built a lot of connections with the global tech audience on Twitter (now X).

2022 - Present: Learning & Empowering Others #

Whilst I found my interest in the field of DevOps and Cloud Native, my passion for content creation, community building and educating others increased with time and I got more involved in all these areas.

I had a lot of memorable & first experiences during this time that paved my way and contributed to my overall personality. Be that giving my first live technical talk during my DevRel internship, hosting an entire live stream, being invited as a guest for a tech podcast, getting comfortable with the camera by creating the first technical video on my Youtube channel and a lot more . . .

To be honest, a lot has happened in these years & I may not be able to consolidate it all here, but one thing’s for sure - I’ve learned a lot, grown a lot as a person, had a lot of great experiences, built amazing connection with industry leaders and guess what, I’m still learning & growing, so this is definitely not the end of it!

talk image
First In-person talk at Kubeday India'23